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Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving 4x4 Off-Road Course

This course will introduce you to different 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) systems and teach you techniques for handling your 4WD vehicle on various terrains and traversing obstacles safely.

Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving provides internationally accredited advanced driving courses such as defensive driving, 4WD, and security driver training (counter carjacking, hostile environment, armoured vehicle training), to those working in high risk areas both in the Africa region and globally.

Glen Edmunds, our Director of Training, has 40 years of racing experience. He is also a qualified automotive engineer. These unique talents combined with his international training credentials at the premier driver/security training schools in both the United States of America and Jordan mean that you benefit from every aspect of Glen's vast wealth of experience.

Module Listing:

  • Module 1: Introduction to the Course and 4WD
  • Module 2: Basics of 4WD Vehicles
  • Module 3: Basics of 4WD Driving
  • Module 4: Taking Your 4WD Vehicle Off-Road
  • Module 5: Traversing Obstacles
  • Module 6: Basic Recovery Techniques
  • Final Test Completion Certificate
Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving 4x4 Off-Road Course
$99.95 USD

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Course compatible on desktops, laptops and tablets.